environmental website featuring EV, Solar, Biomass, and energy saving technology as it applies to the Central Kentucky Bluegrass Region.  We are a professional couple that live in Richmond KY and work in Lexington KY, and we want to do our part to insure a bright future for our children and grandchildren.  Isn't it silly to waset a finite resource?  We think so!  Follow our electric vehicle adventures on our environmentally conscience website, is a website dedicated to environmental progress in the Central Kentucky - Bluegrass Region.  Like most environmental groups, we believe that it is silly to waste natural resources needlessly.  Unlike some other environmental groups, we are aware that people are a part of nature.


We use many devices in our lives to reduce the impact that we have on the environment.  For the past six years, we have commuted with a Toyota Prius.  We have retired the Prius to long haul duty, and we have a new Nissan Leaf that will be our primary work vehicle.  Yes we know that Kentucky Coal will provide most of the power for this EV.  We do use 520 watts of PV solar, as well as solar hot water (SDHW) so at least some of our electric car's power will be offset by the sun.  We also heat with biomass (wood) and line dry our clothes in the summer.  Yes, we use Kentucky Utilities provided power for our EV charging needs, and we are far more comfortable with that than using OPEC oil.


There is little that anyone can do to stop mountain top coal mining, without changing the way we think about power.  Electricty is awesome, and the uses seem unlimited.  We should conserve this resource, and use exactly what is needed, but no more.  We need to get to work, so we drive an EV.  Do we need to use a half dozen 50 watt lamps in the living room?  Wouldn't you be better off replacing those lamps with LED bulbs?  As I write this, it is 95 degrees outside. Why on earth would I use 300 watts for lighting when I can have the same light for 56 watts from LED?  They burn much cooler, so the A/C doesn't have to run as much to keep me comfortable.  What are you doing to "waste not"? has a large warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky, and we purchase from them often.  We are proud that Amazon provides so many jobs in the Bluegrass Region.  Here are a couple of EVSE charging stations that you could install at your home or business